She's Got      A Plan
SGP | Supervising Producer

SGP was a joy to Produce.  Indie film making is very different than Producing projects for television.  It was my first film but we assembled a wonderful and talented cast and crew who made it a swift and smooth process.  We submitted SGP to several film festivals before we licensed it to UMC.  

Laila Ali Docuseries 
Laila Ali Project | Co-Executive Producer

The Laila Ali project was a docu-series about life transforming ones life.  Several of the particapants faced difficultiies in their lives and this series followed their transformation. Due to the topic, several episodes were commissioned for presentation.  

Comic View
Comic View | Supervising Producer

I was in house at BET as a Supervising Producer/Showrunner for Comic View, their flagship show. I was responsible for some of their highest rated seasons, it was a live to tape stand up comedy series.  While I was in house at BET I not only over saw the production of 150 episodes per year, but I also consulted on several other BET properties; a direct to home video series, several specials, a sketch project and two animated projects.

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