My Mixed Life | Co-Executive Producer

Nerdgirl Productions is a partnership between Regina Cameron and myself. My Mixed Life is an in depth look and tour through the lives of racially mixed couples, families and adults who were born into or came together and created a mixed family.  In an age where there is so much that divides Americans My Mixed Life takes a look at what brings people together.  How they grow, evolve and thrive.  How families are created when there are no common cultural links and how children are raised when they identify with two or more cultures. 

Kulturezine Media|Head of Development

Kulturezine Media is is a partnership/co-op of music, marketing, tv and film producers.  We are an experiened group who has come together to create various music, tv & film properties.  We have a distribution deal with Sony/Orchard for our media and music entities.  

Bugtopia-Animated Feature | Co-Producer

Bugtopia is a wonderful, family friendly animated project created by CAB Bolton.  I am attached as a Co-Producer.  This feature is meant to be quality family entertainment.  

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